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Grove City Mayor’s Court

Court Location:
Grove City Mayor’s Court
3360 Park Street
Grove City, OH 43123

The jurisdiction of the Grove City Mayor’s Court.

The Grove City Mayor’s Court has jurisdiction over traffic offenses and other misdemeanors alleged to be in violation of the Grove City Codified Ordinances or the Ohio Revised Code. This includes traffic offenses that occur in Grove City, like speeding, marked lane violation, following too close, etc.

The Grove City Mayor’s Court convenes in the Municipal Safety Complex every Wednesday, excluding legal holidays, with arraignments starting at 10:00 a.m. Other court dates and times may be set depending on the nature and posture of the case. The presiding magistrate over this court is the Honorable Don Breckenridge. The Clerk of Court is Joy Bedard. The Clerk of Court handles all court documents and payments to the court. If you have a traffic ticket pending in the Grove City Mayor’s Court, then you may access information about your case by pressing the link to the court’s online portal here.

The legal process in the Grove City Mayor’s Court.

Like other Mayor’s Courts, the Grove City Mayor’s Court is not a court of record and has no authority to conduct jury trials. Otherwise, while less formal, the process for handling traffic and criminal cases in the Mayor’s Court is substantially similar to the process for handling these types of cases in Municipal Courts and Common Pleas Courts.

As to matters pending in the Grove City Mayor’s Court, there will be an arraignment, during which the charges are read and a plea is entered. The plea may be “not guilty,” “guilty” or “no contest.” If the matter is not resolved with a plea agreement, then there will be a trial before the magistrate. The magistrate is the presiding judicial officer and will make rulings on evidentiary objections and other legal matters. The magistrate also is the finder of fact as there is no jury trial. This means that, like a jury, the magistrate will determine guilt or innocence. If a defendant is found to be guilty, then the magistrate will determine the ultimate sentence or outcome of the case.

One of the benefits of having a traffic ticket pending in the Grove City Mayor’s Court is that a given defendant will have the opportunity to resolve his or her case in a less formal setting. If the case cannot be resolved at pre-trial in this Mayor’s Court, then under some circumstances the case may be transferred downtown to the Municipal Court with jurisdiction over the offense. Moreover, even if the defendant proceeds beyond pre-trial and is convicted in this Mayor’s Court, then the conviction may be appealed to the Municipal Court with jurisdiction over the offense.

Talk to a Columbus attorney about your traffic ticket in the Grove City Mayor’s Court.

For legal assistance with your Grove City traffic ticket, contact us at 614.695.5000 or online. Frequently a lawyer can appear in court and resolve a traffic case in the client’s absence, provided both the court and the prosecutor agree. This saves the client the aggravation of taking time off from work, fighting traffic to get to court on time, waiting for potentially hours for the case to be called, standing in long lines, and potentially having to do it all over again if the case is continued.

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